Who Founded Amano Chocolate?


Amano’s founders Clark Goble and Art Pollard. This picture was taken in 2007 immediately after Amano’s opening and was the first press picture taken of Amano’s founders.

Clark Goble and I (Art Pollard) were the founders of Amano chocolate.  We met while working for the physics department of the school we were attending. We both have a passion for the hard sciences and good food!. While still in school, we joined forces to form a successful software company whose software is on the vast majority of home and business computers.  It was only natural that we would join forces again to make one of the world’s finest chocolates.

It has been a real adventure for both of us (as well as for each of our wives) to build Amano and pursue our passion to make the very best chocolate possible. Our backgrounds in the hard sciences has allowed us to develop a number of techniques to improve the flavor of chocolate. We have developed additional techniques than what we are currently using so expect our chocolate to get even better. We are both excited to see what comes next!