Ask the Chocolate Maker


Art Pollard standing in front of Amano’s antique ball roaster.

Have you ever wondered how chocolate is made?  Have you ever wanted an answer to your deepest, darkest, chocolate question?  Do you have any questions about Amano? Art Pollard, Amano’s Founder and Head Chocolate Maker is taking time out from his super busy schedule to answer yourquestions.  Not every question can be answered (Art is super busy after all) but, Art will answer as many of your questions as he can.  Amano’s co-founder Clark Goble may even pitch in on occasion.

Examples of questions you can have answered by Art are :

  • How is cocoa grown?
  • What varieties of cocoa are there?
  • How is cocoa roasted?
  • When did Art and Clark found Amano?
  • How is sugar added to chocolate?
  • What do Art or Clark do when they aren’t making chocolate?

To ask Art (or Clark) a question, fill out the form provided to your left.

Answers to your questions will be posted here, so be sure to check back often!

Questions Answered About Cocoa

Questions Answered About Chocolate

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