Who Owns Amano Artisan Chocolate?

Amano’s primary focus is on quality. It is difficult to maintain quality when people are involved in a company and do not share that same vision or dedication. To help preserve Amano’s vision of quality and perfection, Amano Artisan Chocolate is solely owned by myself (Art Pollard) and my business partner Clark Goble. I believe that our chocolate truly reflects Clark’s passion as well as my own for creating a chocolate and a company totally devoted to perfection.

When people ask this question, usually what they mean is: “Is Amano owned by a large conglomerate?” The answer is a resounding “NO”. It is also important to note that Clark and I have no intention of selling Amano (i.e., an “Exit Strategy”). We both hope to pass Amano down to our children — provided of course that they share the same vision and love for fine food and chocolate as we do.