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Olmec Glyph for Cacao

Olmec Glyph for Cacao

The Olmec were the first known cultivators of cacao; Kakawa was their word for it (and the earlier known name for the plant).


Pronounced kas-TAN-ya, this is a molded, chestnut-shaped chocolate. Although it is usually filled with ganache, the filling may also be chestnut flavored.

This glossary would not have been possible without the kind assistance of my good friend Karen Hochman who runs the website: The Nibble. Karen gave us permission to base our chocolate glossary on hers. TheNibble is one of the Internet’s best resources for food articles, reviews, history, and just about anything when it comes to quality food. Please, if you have a few moments, visit my friend Karen’s website and you’ll be amazed at what a valuable resource it is. Thanks for all your help Karen!

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