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An abbreviation for premier cru; the first character in the abbreviation is a “1”, not an “l”. Originally applied to the very best vineyards or wine-making chateaux in Bordeaux, some chocolate manufacturers have taken to using this abbreviation for the chocolate made from what they believe are their finest beans.


Infusion is a means of adding flavor to chocolate (or cream) without the physical presence of the flavor agent in the finished product. For instance, orange zest may be added to scalded cream. The mixture is allowed to stand for some time prior to straining. After straining, the cream retains orange flavor without the presence of the zest.


This term refers to fillings or centers that are covered in chocolate.

This glossary would not have been possible without the kind assistance of my good friend Karen Hochman who runs the website: The Nibble. Karen gave us permission to base our chocolate glossary on hers. TheNibble is one of the Internet’s best resources for food articles, reviews, history, and just about anything when it comes to quality food. Please, if you have a few moments, visit my friend Karen’s website and you’ll be amazed at what a valuable resource it is. Thanks for all your help Karen!

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