How Large Would You Like to Grow Amano?

I’m asked this frequently. The answer in all honesty is — I don’t know.

I think we all dream of taking our creation to its full potential. Sometimes when asked this question, I joke back that “I would like to achieve world domination through fine chocolate.” While I love chocolate and clearly a good percentage of the world’s population does too, that will not happen.

Instead, I have a vision completely separate from what many people expect. My focus and that of my business partner, Clark, in creating Amano is to create a chocolate company whose entire devotion is to flavor and quality. To the extent that size will help us obtain better quality than what we already have, we will grow. But we have determined that the day we start sacrificing quality for quantity or any other reason, that is the day we retire.

So only the future will tell how large Amano will grow. Neither Clark nor I know the answer to the question of how large a chocolate company can grow without sacrificing quality. So only the future can tell the answer to the question of growth. We simply do not know — but we are both anxious to find out what the future holds.

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