What is Chocolate Liquor?

Question: What is Chocolate Liquor?

Answer: When people ask us, “What is chocolate liquor?”, many are really questioning whether chocolate liquor contains any alcohol. Well, it does not.

Chocolate liquor is also called cocoa mass, cocoa liquor, or paté de cacao. Chocolate liquor is produced by grinding the nibs, or meat, of the cocoa bean. Chocolate liquor is a thick, gritty, dark brown paste that liquefies when heated. You may know chocolate liquor by another name; it’s also called unsweetened baking chocolate. While it is the base for (and chief ingredient in) all chocolate products, technically, chocolate liquor is not yet eating chocolate. Chocolate liquor is comprised of roughly half cocoa butter and half cocoa solids (cocoa solids are what remains when the bean is ground and the cocoa butter is removed).