How Long do You Conche Your Chocolate?

We conche our chocolate until it is done. Various manufacturers claim that they conche their chocolate for a certain number of hours. One number that is frequently thrown around is 72 hours. In our opinion, this is like asking how long do you cook a fine sauce, roast, or turkey? Just as it takes differing amounts of times to cook items for a nice meal, it takes differing amounts of time to conche fine chocolate. There are many different styles of conches. Some conche longer than others. The appropriate amount of time to conche depends on the type of conche that is being used; the temperature of chocolate while it is being conched, the altitude, the humidity, and perhaps most important the qualities of the cocoa bean that went into making the chocolate. Just as it is possible to over-cook a meal, it is also possible to over-conche chocolate. Chocolate that has been over-conched will often taste flat and uninteresting, because many of its flavor components have evaporated off. Rather than saying that our chocolate has been conched a certain number of hours, we prefer to say that our chocolate has been conched until it is”just right.”