Chocolate Trouble Shooting Guide: Introduction


Working with chocolate can be difficult. Chocolate is a sensitive food and ingredient. If the temperature is too hot, it melts. If there is too much humidity, it develops sugar bloom. If the temperature is not kept stable, it develops white streaks (fat bloom). If it comes into contact with water, then all manner of things can go wrong.

To help you work with our incredible chocolate, we have constructed this trouble-shooting guide. We have built this guide through our own experiences and as well have consulted with numerous industry professionals and trade publications. Our intent is to make the Chocolate Trouble-Shooting Guide as comprehensive as possible. If you encounter problems working with chocolate that we have not listed, please let us know, and we may add it to the guide so that we can assist others.

We sincerely hope that our Chocolate Trouble-Shooting Guide will assist you in pursuing your love of chocolate.


Table of Contents




Flavor Problems

Molding Problems


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