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360 Degree Chocolate Tours

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be on a cocoa plantation? What would it be like to actually be there?  Would you like a tour?  If you ever have a chance to visit a cocoa plantation you will discover that cocoa plantations and even the entire process of turning cocoa into chocolate is truly magical.  We have created a number of high resolution tours so you can see where chocolate comes from and how chocolate is made.  It is our hope that you will get a glimpse of that magic that is chocolate.

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Free Chocolate Tours For You To Take:

Elvesia 360 Panorama Tour

Elvesia Plantation, Dominican Republic: A Walk Through the Trees

One of the most amazing cocoa plantations is the Elvesia plantation in the Dominican Republic. When I visit my friend’s farm, I am always overcome with peace and as I walk through the trees in solitude, I have a chance to reach back to my roots. Not just my roots with cocoa and chocolate but, who I am as a person.

Walk through this plantations trees. See the cocoa, hear the birds, and it is my hope that you will see what I see as I walk through the trees. Perhaps you too will be able to sense that same peace that can only be found on a cocoa plantation.

 >>> Start the Tour through the Trees on the Elvesia Plantation <<<

Number of Panoramas: 9


Elvesia Plantation, Dominican Republic: Cocoa Dryer

Drying cocoa is its own art. It takes a lot of skill on the part of the workers to dry the cocoa properly in order to bring out the proper flavors.  This is even more complicated when the weather and humidity conspire to make drying anything difficult.

Here is a mini tour of one of the dryers of the Elvesia plantation in the Dominican Republic.

 >>> Start the Tour of the Cocoa Dryer <<<

Number of Panoramas: 2

360 East Bay Logistics Tour

Support Team: A Tour Through East Bay Logistics

There is a lot of support that is needed to run a chocolate factory.  There are cocoa warehouses that dot the world.  They can be found in cocoa growing countries to hold the cocoa prior to shipment. As you can imagine, they are also found in cocoa processing countries to hold the cocoa prior to the cocoa turning into finished chocolate.

This tour takes you through one a cocoa warehouse in the United States.  This warehouse is used as a staging area for not just Amano’s cocoa but most all the cocoa that will be used on the West Coast.  East Bay Logistics is truly a jewel in the supply chain and they graciously let us create this tour of their warehouse so that you can see a bit of what happens behind the scenes.  We (and they) hope you enjoy the tour.

>>> Start the Tour of East Bay Logistics Cocoa Warehouse <<<

Number of Panoramas: 7

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