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villahermosa-mexico Villahermosa, Mexico
Chocolate Maker Art Pollard with Vanilla Queen Jean Chan Raiatea, Tahiti — Sourcing Vanilla
Farmers in Chuao Venezuela drying cocoa in front of the church. Delivering Chocolate to the Farmers of Chuao, Venezuela
Chocolate Maker Art Pollard Speaking to the Ecuadorian Congress Speaking to the Congress in Ecuador about CCN-51
My bodyguard in Venezuela Drug Lords? What Drug Lords?
arts-favorite-moment My Favorite Chocolate Moment
Sancocho in the Dominican Republic Eating Italian in the Dominican Republic? (or “How I Fell in Love in the DR…”)
guayas-party Delivering Chocolate to the Farmers in the Guayas River Valley, Ecuador
Cocoa Farmer near lake Marcaibo in Venezuela I Don’t Care What They Pay Me for My Cocoa!
Art Pollard with cocoa farmer in the Dominican Republic How I Crashed in the Dominican Republic and Lived to Tell About it.

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