What does Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Rolex and Amano have in common?  Clearly, each brand including our own focuses on quality and providing to the consumer the ultimate experience in handbags, perfume / fashion, watches and of course, chocolate. Each is also considered to be a leader in their market and are admired the world over for their quality and vision. This vision can inspire people to seek greater heights in their own life.

Amano Jembrana Chocolate and the Knock-Off Valle del Sisa

Amano Jembrana Bar and the Valle del Sisa knockoff.

Interestingly instead of inspiring others to greater heights, it inspires some to copy what has been done before.  Cheap knock off copies of Louis Vuitton handbags and Rolex watches are found on the streets of New York. Chanel knockoffs can be found in outdoor kiosks in Honolulu. And now, Amano knockoffs can be found in Peru and the streets of Paris.  While these products may look similar, at their heart they are not. The handbags fall apart, the watch stops working, the perfume fades away and the chocolate simply does not taste the same.

When we started Amano, we tried to innovate in everything we did. While we were inspired by others who came before us, we have always tried to follow our own road. Each time we do something we take what we learned from what we did before and apply it to what we are doing now. For this reason, Amano’s recipes will change and improve from time to time (and thus the flavor profiles of our chocolates). It would be a shame to get stuck in a rut and to never improve or move beyond what we did before. It would be even sadder to have never had any vision in the first place.

Amano Madagascar Chocolate along with the Cordillera Azul knockoff.

Amano Madagascar and the Cordillera Azul knockoff

I firmly believe that the human spirit in each of us seeks to lift us up to make us better and more than we were before. This movement has raised the human condition from hunter-gatherers with clubs to a world where people travel between continents readily and the dream of colonizing other worlds is not mere fiction.

We are honored to have inspired those who love chocolate in the same way that Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Rolex has inspired people. We truly seek to make a chocolate that people will dream of — literally. So in a way, we are honored to find out that our chocolate has inspired knock-offs.  Even so, we worry about what it says about those who seek to simply copy what has been done before. To not have vision and to not seek to blaze new trails is a tragedy.

Needless to say, we will be sending them a nice letter requesting that they immediately cease the sale of these and similar chocolate bars that use our designwork. We will be sure to keep you, our valuable public, up to date on this new saga in the world of chocolate making

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