Best in State

We are humbled and honored again to win the Best in State award for Utah in the category of food manufacturing. We’re especially grateful given that Utah has become a chocolate mecca in the country with numerous excellent chocolate makers in the state. Thanks for all of our fans who have helped us through the […]

An other Lover of Amano

Amano has lots of fans across the country. If you have pictures with Amano, let us know and we’ll put you up on our blog. Today’s fan is actor Ken DuBois who appears in the film Allegiance. Thanks Ken.    

Drug Lords? What Drug Lords?

In the United States, what crosses many people’s minds when they think of South and Central America is that it’s home to drug lords: visions of great big haciendas with enormous spreads of land perfectly manicured, guards dotting the landscape, armed to the teeth with machine guns, waiting for an armed encounter with the Federales […]

How I Crashed in the Dominican Republic

I start to write this from my hospital bed in the village of San Francisco in the Dominican Republic. We buy some of our cocoa beans from this area. Yesterday, I was in a big car accident. What happened? We were run off the road by a bus. Driving in the Dominican Republic is always […]

I Don’t Care What They Pay Me for My Cocoa!

Cocoa Farmer near lake Marcaibo in Venezuela

In my experience, cocoa farmers have an incredible connection to the land on which they grow their cocoa. The cocoa tree, an amazing tree, grows cocoa pods off the side of its trunk and branches. Each pod is shaped like a small Nerf football and holds about forty beans. The pods come in an amazing […]

The Mysterious Open Window

In my travels around the world hunting the world’s finest cocoa beans and studying (and eating) the finest chocolates, I have had an incredible opportunity to see the world as no tourist ever would. Eating at a farmer’s table, being out on a remote farm at first light as dewdrops fall off the cocoa tree’s […]

Review of Amano’s New Confectionary Line

Normally, when we release a new product, we send out samples for reviews. This time around, we have been really swamped and a bit short staffed. Because of this, we have not been as good about sending out samples as I would like. A few dedicated bloggers and reviewers have still managed to get their […]

Art’s Favorite Chocolate Moment ….

A reader in the new “Ask the Chocolate Maker” section of our website asked what was my favorite “Chocolate Moment”.  I have had many absolutely incredible experiences since starting Amano with my business partner Clark. (Clark holds up the fort while I travel the world and make chocolate and deserves far more credit than he usually receives.) […]