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The Mysterious Open Window

In my travels around the world hunting the world’s finest cocoa beans and studying (and eating) the finest chocolates, I have had an incredible opportunity to see the world as no tourist ever would. Eating at a farmer’s table, being out on a remote farm at first light as dewdrops fall off the cocoa tree’s […]

Review of Amano’s New Confectionary Line

Normally, when we release a new product, we send out samples for reviews. This time around, we have been really swamped and a bit short staffed. Because of this, we have not been as good about sending out samples as I would like. A few dedicated bloggers and reviewers have still managed to get their […]

Art’s Favorite Chocolate Moment ….

A reader in the new “Ask the Chocolate Maker” section of our website asked what was my favorite “Chocolate Moment”.  I have had many absolutely incredible experiences since starting Amano with my business partner Clark. (Clark holds up the fort while I travel the world and make chocolate and deserves far more credit than he usually receives.) […]

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Rolex, and now Amano

What does Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Rolex and Amano have in common?  Clearly, each brand including our own focuses on quality and providing to the consumer the ultimate experience in handbags, perfume / fashion, watches and of course, chocolate. Each is also considered to be a leader in their market and are admired the world over […]

Sourcing Vanilla: A Trip Report Part 2

Before I left, I gave Jeanne Chan a sample of our chocolate we had made using her beans. Thrilled, she quickly scurried off to put it in a cool place for safekeeping. When she returned, she showed me other products that people had given to her that were made with her vanilla. There were the […]

Sourcing Vanilla: A Trip Report Part 1

Food has the ability to tie people together no matter their race, culture, politics, religion, or other propensities. Food is the life-giving sustenance that ties us together. What we eat speaks not only to who we are as people but even to how we value life itself. It takes just a few minutes more to […]

Villahermosa, Mexico Trip

I arrived on a beautiful Mexican night. Upon exiting the airport, I was greeted by the sounds of the tropical crickets and other insects chirping away in rhythmic unison. As we traveled to my hotel, my guide filled me in on the goings on among the cocoa growers in the area as well as a […]

How Much Caffeine is in Chocolate?

Caffeine Molecule

How Much Caffeine is in Chocolate? People often ask us, “Does chocolate have caffeine?” and if so, “How much caffeine is in chocolate?” For the record, chocolate contains small amounts of caffeine. Chocolate also contains another closely related substance called theobromine in much larger levels, and the presence of these two closely related substances has […]